onsdag 17 februari 2016


"Politicians are always everything"
"Growth in the governmental sector by raising taxes invariably leads to the private one shrinking. Growth in the private, however, can also facilitate growing in the former, without raising taxes. " 
"Where value voluntarily is exchanged for vale, there is anarchy"  
"A mainstream criteria for a state being a state is it being recognized by other states. The question then, becomes; which state recognized the first state?"
On fiat currencies:
"So if I back up something imaginary with violence, it becomes real?" 
On the free riding/fair bunking of the subway debate: 
"If the state builds an amusement park for 10 million, sets the entrance fee to ridiculous 1 million and one of the citizens, whoose taxes has financed it, then jumps the fence; has he stolen 1?  Is he a parasite?"
"The free market doesn't treat every customer equally, but it does treat everyone good enough."

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